Wireless Computer Speakers Review

Why Use Wireless Computer Speakers?

The world has been transformed in recent years by exciting portable technology, including laptops, iPods and MP3 players, iPhones and smartphones, and now the iPad. It was only a matter of time before wireless computer speakers came around to supplement the functionality of these devices. Now a burgeoning market, there are a great number of wireless computer speakers to choose from. Portable yet high quality, these indoor wireless computer speaker systems are perfect for students, office presentations, working in non-wired locations, mom’s with toddlers and even house parties. With a little creativity, the uses of wireless speakers are truly endless.

The impressive features among our top-rated wireless computer speakers are the wizard behind the curtain – the reason present-day wireless computer speakers are as powerful and reliable as they are. We reviewed their main technical features – the components responsible for the speakers’ sound. We examined the frequency response, transmitter power, total output power, sound pressure range, and wireless range of each wireless speaker system were noted. We’ve also included must-read articles on wireless computer speakers, as well as comprehensive reviews to help you find the system that fits your needs.

Be sure to check out our detailed product reviews, including those for our three top-rated speaker systems: the GigaWorks T20 Series II, Rocketfish Digital Wireless Speakers and AW877 Indoor Wireless Speakers.


Wireless Computer Speakers: What to Look For

The wireless computer speakers we reviewed are ideal for indoor use at home, school, work and even vacations, and they bring full stereo sound to most average-sized rooms. Mom’s concerned with dangerous wires, people with limited mobility, trade-show vendors, families on road trips, and students on the go are just a few of the folks for whom these speakers are great. Top Ten Reviews used the following criteria to evaluate wireless computer speakers to decide which products to include in our review:

The technical features of wireless computer speakers are the first thing to look for when you are considering purchasing one of the top-notch speaker systems we reviewed. Wireless speakers have components that can make or break their audio quality. These are frequency response, transmitter power, total output power, sound pressure level, and wireless range – which refers to how far you can take the speakers from the audio source and have them still function properly.

We included a miscellaneous category to cover additional features and bonuses you may find with each wireless computer speaker system. We considered a variety of extra features, including: auto tune (a speaker's ability to find the best radio frequency on which to operate without any further adjustments from you), whether the speaker system comes with a remote control and separate volume controls, whether it uses a USB or non-USB transmitter, whether it has wall-mounting capabilities, and how the system is powered whether it uses an AC adapter, batteries or both.

Sound Quality
Thanks to advanced technology, wireless computer speakers sound amazing and can transmit audio as clear as if wires were present. And since most wireless speakers will auto tune to the best signal and work instantaneously, all you need to do is physically plug them in and press the power button and you’ll have streaming audio in moments. From enhanced bass using BasFXflex technology to impressive balanced treble, wireless computer speakers should sound as great as any wired computer speaker system.

Help & Support
Product documentation and customer service are essential help-and- support features for any wireless computer speaker system that should be provided by the speaker manufacturer. Other help and support features that we included in our review are FAQs, user forums, and whether the product includes a warranty.

The wireless computer speakers in our review are guaranteed to transform your world. By providing full-bodied sound that you can bring with you anywhere you go, you’ll wonder how you lived without these impressive speakers.


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3-2    Poor
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GigaWorks T20W Rocketfish Acoustic Research AW877 AUVIO Control Mimi Qube Creative T12 Acoustic Research AW880 iLive IPEVO
GigaWorks T20W Rocketfish Acoustic Research AW877 AUVIO Control Mimi Qube Creative T12 Acoustic Research AW880 iLive IPEVO
Frequency Response 50hz-20khz 80hz-20khz 20hz-20khz 50hz-20khz 50hz-20khz 20kz-20khz 20hz-20khz 40hz-15khz - 20hz-20khz
Transmitter Power 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 900MHz 910MHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz - 900MHz 2.4GHz -
Output Power (Total) 28W 8W 15W 10W 15W 3W - 10W - 6W
Sound Pressure Level 80db 80db - - 89db 10db 80db - - -
Wireless Range 100ft 55ft 250ft 300ft 70ft 164ft 30ft 150ft 90ft 32ft
Auto Tune
USB Wireless Transmitter
AC Adapter Operated
Volume Control
Non-USB Transmitter  
Wall Mountable    
Battery Operated  
Speaker Height 9 12 10 11 9 4.9 7 8.5 9.17 2.9
Speaker Width 5.6 3.5 6.5 7.7 6 4.3 2.79 4.5 6.81 5.5
Speaker Depth 3.3 - 7 5.9 5.5 4.3 3.85 5 7.76 2.5
Weight (Total) 2.2lbs 7.5lbs 14.6lbs 5lbs 9.4lbs .43lbs 3.6lbs 5lbs 11.05lbs .59lbs
Auxiliary Input
Headphone Input
Help & Support
User Manual
User Forum